The Fayetteville Observer App Reviews

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Doesn't work properly

Great concept, but it just doesn't work. I can only seem to access today's paper, but need to go back to yesterday. I don't know if there's an option to do this, but I'm guessing it's under "settings" which the app will not allow me to go to. I just get a blank white screen every time I click on it. The current day's paper comes up just fine though.

Terrible app not worth the time

This app is terribly designed. It's as though they took design concepts from 2008 and applied them to today. The app is a large photo of their newspaper. It's also slow. Very slow.

Used to be good

Now you have to create an account and pay. Deleting.

Don't Waste Space Downloading

A piece of crap for an app. Poor design. No news updates. Just another copy of the print edition. Not worth the price of subscription.

Native app feel

For a PDF version of the paper it has a native app feel. A perfect way to get my local news.


Love reading the paper in this format. Quick registration process online and the functionality on the iPad and through my browser works nicely.

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